Old School New Body Review

Old School New Body Review

Old School New Body Review

It’s a fact that people are ageing faster. You are likely to meet a 30 year old who looks like a grandfather of 70 years. There are many reasons for this. Conventional weight loss and dieting programmes will never tell you this. They will instead have you enroll in the same old programmes that are accelerating your ageing process. But there is someone who wants to tell you why and also help you to reverse the process. Steve and Becky Holman have the answer. It is called Old School New Body programme.


As an editor of Iron Man Magazine, Steve learned a lot about weight loss and how people were reacting to it. He realized that there were as many happy people as those who were frustrated by the diet regime they were following. More importantly, he learned that many of the so-called solutions do not work. Steve taught himself to question conventional weight loss programmes which he found to be full of loopholes. People were not losing weight as they should. Others lost weight only to gain it later. Others stagnated in their efforts. Another group of people looked more aged than they were after exercising for long. That is how Old School New Body programme came about.

Does Old School New Body Work?

Objectives of Old School New Body Program

Steve and his wife Becky decided to create a programme that would help users regain their health, reverse or slow ageing and also achieve ideal bodies. This is what many weight loss enthusiasts are looking for. Many people want to avert the risks paused by cardiovascular diseases, obesity and diabetes among other dangerous health disorders. Old School New Body programme will show you how.

Others want to slow down the ageing process. We may not live forever but we want to enjoy a longer life on earth. This programme will inform you that the secret for longer life lies in what you choose to eat, how active you are and your disposition. Old School New Body programme reveals that you can actually appear ten years younger than you actually are if only you follow Steve and Becky’s counsel.

What about the ideal body? Weight loss today has gone through a lot of transformation. People do not just want to lose weight. They want to shed excess fats and gain muscles instead. Fat loss plans that are effective and popular emphasize on one gaining a body to die for. People want to look beautiful and handsome and reclaim their place in society. Old School New Body programme will show you how you can become the envy of your friend and enemies alike because of the final person who will emerge from the plan.

Old School New Body Scam?

How The Book Is Organized

The Old School New Body programme eBook is very resourceful. It is written in an approachable and readable manner to help you devour it from the confines of your house. The fact that it is an eBook makes it readable in electronic format. You can therefore share it with your spouse, partner, friends and relatives.

This Book Has The Following 14 Chapters:
  • Chapter one introduces this programme which is also known as F4X Training System. The essence of this weight loss plan is presented as being the burning of fat to build muscle.
  • In Chapter 2, the authors present a plan for burning belly fat in 20 minutes. Here you will learn why belly fat is very dangerous for your health thus necessitating immediate eradication.
  • Chapter 3 describes methodologies for rejuvenating the body in a manner that is devoid of pain.
  • Chapter 4 helps you to set your weight loss goals so that they are motivating and you feel happy to pursue them.
  • Chapter 5 discusses cardio and how people have forgotten the secret to leanness.
  • In Chapter 6 you will learn how to transform yourself and forever bid farewell to the club of the plump and overweight.
  • Chapter 7 describes the F4X workout programme in detail.
  • Chapter 8 continues with the exercise programme described in Chapter 7.
  • In Chapter 9 you will learn about diets and get to know the facts and fallacies that prevail about nutrition for weight loss.
  • Chapter 10 encourages you to eat more food, burn fat and build muscle as opposed to conventional wisdom that encourages people to starve their bodies to lose weight.
  • In Chapter 11 you will learn all about alcohol and realize that it is not after all very bad for weight loss efforts.
  • In Chapter 12, the authors explain to you the key supplements that you need when you are undergoing fat loss regimens.
  • Chapter 13 is a question and answer section where the two experts answer the questions you have always wanted to ask.
  • The last chapter discusses more exercise that you can engage in to realize even better results.

How To Reverse Aging

Many Happy Clients

It is not every day that you find a weight loss programme created by a couple. The advantage here is that Old School New Body programme is holistic. That is what people are saying. Many are shocked to realize that the many hours they spend on the treadmill may actually result in greater ageing. Quite a number feel that this is a timely idea. Happy customers are thanking this couple for coming up with a product that settles their doubts about weight loss. More importantly, people are enjoying more healthy lives and reversing their ageing processes.

Reverse Your Aging Today

The only person who is not enjoying these benefits of Old School New Body programme is you. You are taking too long to realize the merits of this ingenious plan. You need to look younger, not older than your age. You deserve to lose weight in a healthy manner. You need to get the ideal body just like athletes and celebrities do. You owe yourself a copy of Old School New Body programme today. Kindly toast to a younger and beautiful you with a copy of the F4X Training System today!